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just an overview for my stories. i wanna put them up someday but for now i'll just put a little blurb here.

wattpad. i would have liked to put them on ao3 'cause wattpad is real hard to navigate, but i also feel too embarrassed to put them on a website where they can be seen n accessed easier. this wattpad account is new, btw. my one from 2017 decided to lock me out, the bastard.

ginta ab intio

os and nayn are two esoteric highschoolers with a tight-knit bond living in the pre-sapien era. after nayn disappears for three years, he makes his quiet, grouchy return and os is overjoyed. however, nayn and his intense misanthropic tendencies are hard to separate. no matter how hard os tries to get him to see the beauty of life through not-so-beautiful ways, nayn refuses to open his eyes - but where will that lead them?

currently at 31,079 words. completed, but i'm planning on rewriting it.

ltr: os and nayn


cannibalism is not something you can explain to people who don't engage in it - a bit like most things, really. allo, from a young age, has grown up surrounded by rituals and sacrifices and has developed a dependent love for eating human flesh, but as she has aged her shamefulness has grown, too. her heightened senses, keen on sniffing out blood and ready meat, are not the most welcome senses to have when at an all-girls school, and even her closest friend and most aggressive bully is too much for her to bear. but mikkie has a secret as well. as both girls face their pasts and philosophies, their insecurities and what they really, truly desire, they may become closer - or perhaps their bond becomes even more like a rubber band about to snap.

yes, yes, it's only a bunch of one-shots at the moment, but one day they will be ready to face the world. you can read some of these pointless one-shots here.

also, fun fact - "allo" was originally gonna be spelled "alo" bc it was short for "aloysius", which was going to be the name of one of the two boys, aloysius and mikhail. but then their female counterparts introduced themselves and so they became allo and mikkie. allomik.

ltr: mikkie and allo

manor dynamic

lmao this isn't the official title - it's just what i happened to call the collection of one-shots. veil sunadar is an incubus, a very whiny, needy creature. terrified of insects. he lives in a huge manor ruled by an old dollmaker - veil, along with all the other manor inhabitants, used to be a wax figure. after one night when the dollmaker's son happens upon the manor, he makes his way inside and has never been able to escape. however, he did find veil, who immediately attached himself to bat and probably never ever let go. this story has absolutely no conceivable plotline and is purely for emotional support.

i'll put up the little stories someday. it's all on wattpad for now, where i might actually publish them, but we'll see.


again, not an official title. haven't even planned out half the thing. 5+ perspectives all with different outlooks on life, which i'm trying to get better at writing. i guess, then, that this story is just for improvement. it's also really fun to write lol.

another story i'm planning on putting up, but i'm gonna have to edit it, finish it, and whatnot. we'll see how it goes.

the de autry vampire

Rafael de Autry, the admirable young prince of France, is turned into a vampire after performing a crazy escapist act in hopes of exploring the outside world. His guardian, a Welsh soldier by the name of Cadwored, embarks with him on the journey they take to be free from the country's scrutiny. But many dangers lay out there for a vampire and his human companion, more so than you might think...

A short tale of love, exploration and jealousy in the early 1800s.

i had so many ideas for this story, so many, but i'll probably keep it short and fluffy. for now. another one of my obviously emotional support stories except this time it does have a rather complex plot. you can read some of it here.