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an overview for my main stories. updates often, because i've got a lot of stories and a lot of juxtaposing feelings about each one of them.

ginta ab intio

daddy issues kid meets mommy issues kid and then they go time travelling

status: currently at 31k something words. completed, but i'm currently revamping the entire thing to put it into a more game-friendly form. meanwhile, you may be able to read some side stories here.

sun meets earth

in which a lot of chaos ensues because a certain classmate of sol's makes her feel... unsafe.

status: game in the works. you can also see some funny little things following this link.

the de autry vampire

land that vaguely resembles 1800s france is home to a young prince and his guardian; as well as some other, undiscovered creatures lurking in the darkness.

status: writing pieces at a time. here's the first chapter.

elementary fame

a cast of zoomorphic teens and how they fare in a place like school, when the absolute truths of their beings are just a part of their appearance.

status: whenever i need the comfort, i will write. so expect more when i'm going through a tough situation. hereyou go.


connie does not need humans in her life.

status: little bits are written, but needs a lot more time. this is one of those stories that i think would be better illustrated than written, so i'm just waiting for a good stylus so that can happen.