welcome, gremlins

I've come across some good shit in my life and I thought I'd share some of it with people who might be bored. Also, don't take any of the "reviews" seriously. It's just me getting excited. Anyway, have sum fun lookin' around, unless you wanna go back, in which case I won't stop you.

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tsuritama is probably my favourite anime. it's silly, it's cute, it's pretty, it's sad, it's got some action, all at the same time. (spoilers!!) there's a scene in episode 6, i'm pretty sure, where haru is feeling sad, but since he's never felt that way he doesn't realise why it hurts so, and yuki's mother finds him trying to put a bandaid over his heart. when i tell you that scene made my eyes sweat i fucken mean it.

neon genesis evangelion

this show (and the rest of the franchise) is not for everyone. a lot of people hate the characters, but i think this is probably because they've never had to experience anything similar to what they are feeling. this is pretty obvious in the characters that get the most attention - asuka, rei, kaworu. people like kaworu because he doesn't seem to have any problems + he's attractive. people like asuka because she's intensely sexualised, strong and fiery. people like rei because if she were real she wouldn't burden you with her problems and instead stay quiet. apparently the endings confused a lot of people as well, which kinda sucks if you're looking for a simple, light-hearted show - but you can live off evangelion merch, so if you end up liking it then that's a big win.

orenchi no furo jijou/merman in my tub

you can watch the entire show in under an hour - 4 minutes per episode. the whole thing is super stupid, and all the "sea creatures" are overdramatic. i love it, though. i also found myself constantly wondering how big the bathtub is.

sayounara, zetsubou-sensei/goodbye, mr. despair

hilarious in a dark way. it's bascially a harem, except the protag is based off of one of my favourite authors, osamu dazai, and he's a teacher (somehow). it's been a while since i've watched it, but i remember the art being super unique and pretty, and all of itoshiki's interesting admirers (along with his episode-ly realisation that the world is horrible and he is in despair) make the show very worthwhile.