Nayn Plovetsky
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Fun facts:
  • nayn is an intj
  • he's a slytherin (and a very intense one at that)
  • his humor is very literal - e.g., if you say that something is a living epitome of another thing, but then that something ends up dead, it then becomes the dead epitome of a thing. that shit cracks him up.
  • "seeing is believing"

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    An introduction

    Hello. My name is Nayn Plovetsky. I don't see why I should share my middle name to people I don't know, so I guess I won't?

    I have no clue why I was asked to do this. All I can picture right now is Os' disgusting, smug face - god! He's the most annoying pest I've ever seen. But for some reason I feel like he is trustworthy. Maybe it's because he's my only "friend" and he also has been so since we were very little. Does that even equate to trust, how long two people have known each other? I can sit next to someone in class for a year straight and not get any closer than small talk. Small talk is so boring. Humans are the stupidest, most wretched, vilest things on this planet. And so, I don't see why I am still talking to them, meaning that I am going to leave now.

    B a s i c s

    Full name: Nayn Ciel Plovetsky

    Age: 16

    Gender: male

    D.O.B: November

    Ethnicity: Polish/Indian

    Species: pre-sapien (for explanations on the universe they're in, I recommend reading Os' character page first)

    Sexual orientation: everyone sucks, though sometimes Os says things that make him pause for a second or two

    Voice: low, very threatening when needs be, sounds as if he's speaking from a dark place, full of intensity.

    Residence: St Petersburg, Russia

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    Nayn can be very self-centered, selfish, proud - but this is mostly due to his loneliness. Because he doesn't have anyone to relate to, he has always batted this off as meaning that he's just too smart for everyone else. He will take critism and advice to give off the impression that he's strong, but is always sensitive to other people's opinions on him and his actions. He has to be smart, he has to be better than everyone else. He's kind of a coward, preferring to back out of dangerous situations if he knows he isn't knowledgeable enough to compete. Nayn doesn't trust many people, and doesn't believe that humans can actually like being around each other. He's a misanthrope towards the rest of the human race and sometimes will he get irritated at the things he does, too, that remind him of being a human just like the others.

    Nayn strives to be the best at everything, just to make sure that he is superior and that he is not like any human - no, he is something more powerful. He prefers to keep his mouth shut in front of people, but when he is required to speak he'll state what he has to say confidently, as he observes the people around him. He picks up on what others do and says/does things that they would approve of - not for his own validation, but so that he can continue doing his own thing without people taking any notice of him.

    Inwardly, Nayn is very dramatic and tends to make events out to be more story-like in his head, while keeping his cool on the outside. He's a great actor, but the one person he can't act in front of is Os.

    Likes: suit ties, white tigers (his most favourite animal - they're so elegant and snowy and isolated. Maybe he's just jealous of them.), watching things die, thinking about being the only person left on the earth, writing, science (mostly physics and chemistry), bombs.

    Dislikes: school, humanity, being surrounded by people, talking, sticky things, complete silence, loud noises, stupidity, most animals and insects (especially flying ones).

    B a c k s t o r y

    Nayn has always been a bitter person. He grew up alongside this boy called Ostorozhno, or Os. He reminded Nayn of a white tiger, though his eyes were kinda purple and he wasn't strong at all. Anyway - he and Nayn would always play together until around 3 years old, Nayn began mistrusting and disliking the small things that people around him did. This could be attributed to his parents, who regularly fought over stupid things that even Nayn could fix, like taking out the dinner. Though, he couldn't understand that the things they fought over weren't only the physical - it was the intentions behind it. And this made them human. Eventually, he grew to hate himself. This was a bit of a struggle for him, because he'd always thought he was better than everyone else - being able to manipulate sound and all (he hates his explosions, so he tries to forget about them entirely), but everything he did was so human that he hated himself just for living.

    And so, to make himself different, as inhuman as possible, he cut himself off and didn't stop and talk to anyone, or use any manners, or do anything that was expected of him. Os was a problem, though, because he'd figured out that Nayn hated everyone and everything, and he wouldn't leave him the hell alone. When Nayn moved, it was like a blessing, and he could be somewhere where no one knew of his explosions nor or his past, and he could excel at everything just to prove that he was better than everyone else.

    During his three years at this new school, he found he had horrible memory gaps and sometimes, in the middle of a lesson, he'd blink and then something would be totally different - once his classmate had a different name, and Nayn got so irritated with his terrible memory that he kinda exploded the entire school up (that was a first, seeing as his explosions were primarily a defence ability).

    No one ever caught the culprit, and so Nayn moved back to Gorvor, knowing that Os, especially, would give him shelter. He hated the idea of having to depend on someone else, but at that point he had no choice. Maybe his memory would stop playing up if he moved back.

    And then when he saw Os again he was kinda like "hold up" cause seeing that boy was the first time he'd ever felt indifferent at being in contact with a human being. And this is when the delusion that Os wasn't really a human starts - one that Os actually believes as well. It's all rather sad. Anyway, Nayn was even more bitter towards himself after that, but his memory was much better.