music stuff

honorable mentions

some lyrics that are kinda cool

"to feel deep down

you matter to the world

and not just to a boy or to a girl"

- 1 more hit, weezer

"cowboy dan's a major player in the cowboy scene

he goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean

he 'didn't move to the city, the city moved to me

and i want out desperately'"

- cowboy dan, modest mouse

"i will go to heaven

you won't go to heaven

i will go to heaven

i won't see you there

if you really wanna know yourself

it will come at the price of knowing no one else"

- cosmic hero, car seat headrest

"oh oh, i feel so stupid when you are around


oh oh, i'd cut off all my fingers just to touch you

oh oh, you stupid bitch you mutilate my soul

oh oh, i want to put my fingers deep inside you

oh oh, i wonder if you're thinking of me now"

- just wait til next year, john maus

"i'm so happy, 'cause today i found my friends

they're in my head

i'm so ugly, but that's okay 'cause so are you

we broke our mirrors"

- lithium, nirvana

"in the city, is it true?

if you don't, you act like you do

feast of fools, i can't wait

give 'em a taste of my misfit love"

- misfit love, qotsa

"all you touch and all you see

is all your life will ever be"

- breathe, pink floyd

"wouldn't it be funner?

if, darla, you were dumber?

you wouldn't have to wonder


- darla, vundabar

"you're gold and pink inside

it's showing through your stare

it's frozen us in time, from inside"

- telepathy, crosses

"a flick, flick, flicker of celluloid

and there's holes, holes, holes, in my everything"

- i want to kill you like they do in the movies, marilyn manson

"this town don't feel mine

i'm fast to get away

i dressed you in her clothes

so drive me far away"

- be quiet and drive, deftones

"'cus i felt those swollen dreams too

i might as well have swallowed your favourite pill"

- somethings, rew

"my only friend, the lonely man

jesus, help me for this crime

and tell me, why?

what is a friend for?


what he is afraid of?


why'd i shoot my friend?

and i can't breathe"

- i shot my friend, stuck in the sound

"who the hell said any of you get a taste?


do you ever wanna get up all in your face?

you better take it

and nothin' you could do would ever make me go away

fake it

poor baby i'm gonna make it all ok"

- lights out, msi

"oh no, i am all the things they said i was

oh no, it is everything they said it was"

- wormboy, marilyn manson

"i am the spectator

i can see the world passing by from here

i am just a child to a man

back to the dust where i began

i was never even here at all"

- the spectator, the bravery

"i can see you off

i can make you cry for me"

- cry for me, hunny

"you have no right to be depressed

you haven't tried hard enough to like it

haven't seen enough of this world yet

but it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

well, stop your whining, try again

no one wants to cause you pain

they're just trying to let some air in"

- fill in the blanks, car seat headrest

"i don't wanna be myself

just wanna be someone else"

- soda, nbt

"i wanna live in the city, with no friends and family

i'm gonna look out the window of my colour tv

i wanna remember to remember to forget you forgot me"

- a different city, modest mouse

"and we can find new ways of living

make playing only logical harm


but she can read, she can read, she can read, she can read, she's bad"

- obstacle 1, interpol

*basically the entirety of klámstrákur by hatari*