music stuff

honorable mentions/current favourites:

some lyrics that are kinda cool

"nigel isn't outspoken

but he likes to speak

and he loves to be spoken to"

- making plans for nigel, xtc

"cowboy dan's a major player in the cowboy scene

he goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean

he 'didn't move to the city, the city moved to me

and i want out desperately'"

- cowboy dan, modest mouse

"please take my hand

i'm a lonely, lonely, lonely man"

- m.r., crumb

"my plug in baby

in unbroken virgin realities

is tired of living"

- plug in baby, muse

"i'm so happy, 'cause today i found my friends

they're in my head

i'm so ugly, but that's okay 'cause so are you

we broke our mirrors"

- lithium, nirvana

"in the city, is it true?

if you don't, you act like you do

feast of fools, i can't wait

give 'em a taste of my misfit love"

- misfit love, qotsa

"all you touch and all you see

is all your life will ever be"

- breathe, pink floyd

"wouldn't it be funner?

if, darla, you were dumber?

you wouldn't have to wonder


- darla, vundabar

"you're gold and pink inside

it's showing through your stare

it's frozen us in time, from inside"

- telepathy, crosses

"a flick, flick, flicker of celluloid

and there's holes, holes, holes, in my everything"

- i want to kill you like the do in the movies, marilyn manson