Os Chernov
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Fun facts:
  • os is a slytherin
  • he likes to goof around, despite his tendency to take everything pretty seriously
  • he is an enfp
  • he really likes cheese, especially at 2am

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    An introduction

    I'm meant to be introducing myself, but I can't stop wondering what Nayn's "about me" section will be like! I bet he's gonna be grouchy - like that monster from Sesame Street! He lived in a garbage dump! PSHSHS I'm gonna have so much fun bothering him about this. Should I approach him all formal-like, act as if I'm a parent who's oh-so disappointed in their only child? kekeke I wouldn't know how to act like such an atrocity - no, sir, not here!

    Right, anyway - my name's Os, I'm 17, and if I could I would be the one interviewing all of you! How princely! Despite my royal act, I really do have a soft side. ... Or do I? Are you getting confused? Can I spend some more time with you? I don't want to be alone...

    On birthdays

    [rando] you have the same birthday as that yt star tana mongeau!

    *watching her annoying other yt stars for three minutes* really? what a bitch. *giggling, turns to nayn* am i anything like her, nayn? am i? *grabs nayn's tie, puppy dog eyes activated* would you still love me so if i was a loud, obnoxious brat? you wouldn't leave me all alone, would you?

    nayn, staring down in disgust at os' fingers on his tie: i never loved you in the first place, asshole. get off of me.

    but naaaayyyyynnnn, i'm only asking -

    that stupid grin says otherwise.

    *giggling behind his hand*

    B a s i c s

    Full name: Ostorozhno Chernov

    Age: 17

    Gender: male

    D.O.B: he's a late June baby

    Ethnicity: Russian

    Species: pre-sapiens (a race of my own, pre-sapiens are basically just the "trial" humans - the gods wanted to give little "quirks" or abilities to each human just to see how they would cope, and if humanity could benefit from these mutations. Sadly, though, many pre-sapiens either didn't practise enough with their ability or didn't know they had it, so they, along with the person, died out. When the gods finished making their "perfect" human, they bred a few together, let humanity get started again to form other races and cultures, and left the planet.)

    Sexual orientation: Naynsexual. He's legit only attracted to Nayn, and probably only ever will be

    Voice: slightly nasally, sounds like a typical teenage boy, but abnormally smooth and free of voice cracks for a teenager.

    Residence: St Petersburg (not named this in the story, but around this location), Russia

    P e r s o n a l i t y

    Os tries to be good, he really does, and he has good intentions - but if he really wants something, he will do anything do get it. On the outside, he's known to be very smiley and kind, albeit slightly odd and the type to sit and watch everyone from a distance. Though, he couldn't be more different on the inside. He's very extreme in his actions, and has very intense emotions and mood swings. When he gets something or has his eyes set on something, he will become incredibly possessive and selfish, especially if it's a person. He really likes people, and loves their brains and their minds and when he finds someone whose brain works differently to everyone else's, he wants to latch on and have that special person all to himself. If he were in one of those dystopian/sci-fi movies, he'd be a mix of the really-sweet-side-character-who-is-secrectly-incredibly-unhinged type and the mad scientist obsessed with human experimentation.

    He's a homebody, wanting to always have the same, comforting place to come back when he's done messing with people. When this comfort of his isn't that same as always, it makes him extremely unhappy and he'll change as much else around him as possible to get his own comfort back. Os the type of person who can't handle change, especially concerning relationships. It's fitting that he was called "caution" because he's very careful with what he does and how he does it. Though, if he tries to do something carefully numerous times and it doesn't work out, he'll become reckless and agitated. Luckily, though, this doesn't happen often, as he usually gets distracted by many other things before he can get to this total point of obsession.

    Os also has a fear of being totally alone to his thoughts. He does what he can so that he can form some sort of bond with humanity, as this will mean that he won't have any time to be alone with his dark, unstable mind. However, the one person he really, desperately wants a human bond with is Nayn. Nayn is who his life revolves around, the one who decides everything he does, good and bad. Of course Os can think by himself, and he can spend time away from Nayn, but his problems with attachment and abandonment make Nayn the one he does everything he can for and the thing he is most afraid of losing.

    Likes: black panthers, the colour dark green, warmth, Nayn, cheese, rainforests, people, big fluffy beds with lots of pillows.

    Dislikes: flying insects, change, being alone (this could be considered as his worst fear rather than just a dislike).

    B a c k s t o r y

    So... Os is a bit... well, you can't tell what time he ever did anything, because he's always changing time and manipulating it. He's messed with way too much history, all in order to get Nayn to develop some sort of liking for the human race and especially him.

    Nayn and Os grew up together as next door neighbours, and Os always looked up to Nayn and his awesome ability to make sound disappear. He had no siblings, and both his parents worked 7am-8pm at some place he was never told about, so he was mostly at Nayn's and looked after by Nayn's mother. When Os frightened him one day, Nayn made a huge explosion that blasted him across the garden, and Os found this so intriguing. It turned out Nayn had two abilities - his defence was explosion, and his attack was sound barriers.

    Nayn eventually grew to hate humankind, and Os could tell this was happening because he was so proud yet so insecure, and avoided all kind of human contact. It was almost as if he was scared of being seen how he was. Os offered to help him control the explosions that Nayn released when he was scared or threatened, but Nayn never accepted. One day, Nayn had to move houses, also leading him to move schools, and they didn't see each other for three years. During this time, Os became obsessed with trying to get Nayn back - this is when he discovered he could time travel - if only he thought about the exact moment hard enough. He tried everything to prevent Nayn from falling out of love with humankind, even trying once to murder Nayn's parents. He fixed this, though, obviously, since it definitely did not work. He didn't want Nayn to become lonely, he just wanted him to stop hating everything. He truly just wanted a better life for Nayn, since misanthropy is not the way to survive in a world full of humans.

    One day, Nayn moved back, miraculously. Os wasn't sure what to do. He couldn't admit that he'd been manipulating Nayn's past in order to get him to enjoy life, so he didn't. Though, he had found that Nayn had taken some tips from him over the years, such as wearing gloves all the time - but he also still hated humankind.

    Aaaaaand story starts here -