Francis Tobias Schlesinger

song lyrics that suit him

"please don't go, i'll eat you whole / i love you so, i love you so, i love you so"

- alt-j, breezeblocks

"my blood / my soul / is my enemy / my love / my life / is poison to me / i know it's not how it's supposed to be / got no choice / no voice / i have no dignity"

- dignity, new politics

just a quick disclaimer: franny's past contains mentions of incest, gore and participating in sexual acts as a minor. i do not condone or support any of this, and i'm not going to rush to defend him or myself. however, they are highly signficant events for him and came from something that also affected me similarly - i am not going to sugarcoat his story. but if it makes you uncomfortable, which i understand, or if you are an impressionable person, then please don't read for your own wellbeing!


Full Name: Francis Tobias Schlesinger

Reason for name: his middle name is his father's name. It's a tradition in their family to give the name of the father/father's relatives as the middle name of their offspring. His first name is his grandfather's name. They kind of want to keep the bloodline "pure".

Nickname: Franny

Reason for nickname: He has often gone by this name, ever since he was a kid, because his mother thought it sounded cute and then Matthias began calling him by it as well, and even though father didn't approve since that's not what grandfather went by, Franny did seem much happier when he was called something chosen by his immediate family rather than almost-dead family.

Age: 21

Sex: male

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Switzerland (haven't decided on an actual place yet)

Birthday: sometime at the beginning of the year (Jan, Feb or March)

Currently living in: Sydney, Australia

Species/Race: human, European

Ethnicity: German

Occupation: home-run business, carrying on from his grandfather's and uncle's work at Bun-Bun's Bunny Barn.

Sexual Orientation: he has never given much thought to it, he feels it would be traitorous to even imagine loving anybody else besides his brother

Social Status: people don't know him very well anymore, as his ancestors are dead and for the business he runs, he puts on a fake act that is nothing like his actual self. On the dark web, where the ads are, however, his business is very respected.

Relationship Status: complicated, I'd say either single or "been taken from the moment he got into primary school"

Status: -


Body Build: Average mostly, he's got broad shoulders and a decent amount of muscle in him (may not be the best at running or lifting weights but at least he can carry people bridal style). His jaw is very sharp, a wide chin, and he's got cheery, gentle eyes and thick eyebrows. His lips are rather thin, and his fingers more thick and sturdy than long and elegant. Although he does carry a gracefulness about him, in the way that he walks with his head up, he always looks like he knows where he's going.

Height: 6'2

Weight: around 200lbs

Skin colour: he's naturally pretty fair, but his family tans very easily so he's more olive-toned now

Hair style: kind of like a thin bowlcut - I'll add in a picture because I don't know if this hairstyle has a name. It's kind of just a neatly combed mop.

Hair colour: golden-brown at the roots, though mostly golden

Eye colour: sky-blue, and, as with most blue eyes, they look slightly greener or a darker blue under certain lighting

Distinguishing Features: his eyes, they're very startling to a lot of people - not just for their colour but for the intensity behind them. His nose is also very straight, it fits the angles of his face nicely.

Preferred Clothing: suits. He rarely wears anything of comfort, because suits are comfortable for him, he likes to look ready and business-like. His most common attire is a dark blue suit, striped vertically, just barely, with a lighter blue, with a white dress shirt and purple tie. He especially likes shiny, pointy black shoes. He also has many floral button-ups to wear in summer or when he feels like it.

Accessories: is not one for accessories. Although if he had to choose, he would probably carry a briefcase just for show and personally thinks that he would look alright with a silver ring in his left earlobe. However, infections are a risk.


General health: very healthy physically. When in familiar situations and when he has control over a situation, he feels very good.

Posture: stands straight, alert but not nervous.

Any physical illnesses?: no

Any mental illnesses?: not that I can think of, although he's got slight attachment issues and has trouble handling his emotions when in times of family or desire-related stress. They're very important to him, and he is used to having control over what he wants. He's also an extreme perfectionist, not to the point of having OCD-like symptoms, but it does mess with his mental health & self esteem.

Take drugs?: once tried to smoke in year 8, because his friends did and he was very susceptible to peer pressure, didn't like it. When his parents found out, and when Matthias first smelled it on his breath, he had a breakdown and promised he would never stray from the family traditions ever again.

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age: it depends on his current state or situation. When he gets very emotional over his family or personal passions, he can turn into a 5-year-old, only because he was babied so much when growing up. However, most of the time he acts his age, even older, and to younger people he seems like a wise old owl

Act before thinking/Think before acting?: mostly think before acting

Emotion-wise, generally: cool, collected, gentle, passionate. However can turn into an unstable, physically violent and angry man if the bad feelings linger around too long.


Way of speaking: very low, not the best at projecting his voice but when he tries he can really get a point across. Tends to take a more gentle approach when speaking to others, he always sounds like he's smiling, and it has a nice effect on people. A calm, soothing tone, rarely has voice cracks anymore.

Common conversation starter: he's pretty normal. "I can't believe it's been so hot for so long!" "How are you finding the weather?" "Any plans you had that were ruined by the rain?"

Swears?: not often. He is around young people a lot, so he tries to keep himself PG-13 or even G, for that matter, as he's a firm believer in raising emotionally intelligent, polite and respectful children. Although he sometimes makes exceptions for his own pleasure.


Likes: visual art, things made from love and passion, birds and science fiction. He adores his brother, suits, he also really likes money.

Dislikes: women (this came later, after Uncle Robin drugged their father and then Wilhelmina, their mother, began severely disliking both their uncle and father because of what they did to her, so she seemed more distant and, to Franny, ruder and less caring. He didn't know what they were doing to her, but if he did then he definitely wouldn't have hated her after she left their life for good. This also happened a lot in school. He knew that girls were "meant" to be more sensitive than boys, and this was ingrained into his head from his father, his own mother, basically everybody he'd met and everything he'd seen on TV or in the real world - he noticed that they cried more, that they always wanted to be in groups, how the uniform made them wear dresses so that they couldn't play on the field with the boys because it would show their underwear, and then everyone would freak out. Then they bullied his brother, and that was unforgivable. He believes that all women do is talk shit, betray each other, cry and manipulate men into sex, based on his experiences.)

He also dislikes messy things (unless, of course, it concerns his family and any messes they happen to accidentally make), such as unorganised files, a scattered brain, and not being able to find things on time. Hates people who take advantage of others' sadness/vulnerability.


Strengths: emotionally intelligent, strong self-control, nurturing and caring towards his loved ones, extremely loyal to them and to his beliefs, is decently physically capable, good at planning.

Weakness: has a tendency to (no - it's almost certain that he will) become physically violent towards anyone who gets on his nerves for too long. This inner hatred can last months, even years of fake smiles and undeserving kind treatment, but when he finally snaps he turns into an animal and has almost killed people because of this.

He's also a huge perfectionist.


While not having any specific or supernatural skills/abilities, Franny is very tuned in to his environment and easily notices the small details in his surroundings. He's very empathetic, and, despite his strong beliefs, he tries (most of the time) to understand where another person is coming from. Although, he does choose who he gives his understanding to - his family are basically the only people who know this side of him and get to experience just how nurturing he is. Other people don't deserve it.

Most of the other characters in the story recognise his attention to detail, and appreciate him for it - it's almost as if he can read their minds, like some inhuman ability. It isn't just with facial expressions/body language/a shift in aura - he also picks up on things that have been moved around or if a shirt has a small wrinkle in it. He's good at describing data trends, which is a needed skill for his interest in commerce/economics.


Education: high school, he graduated at 18 and hired a tutor for himself who would teach him more about commerce and hospitality, as he knew that those were his two main interests/goals in life.

IQ: 118

EQ: not sure how EQ scales but it is definitely higher than average


He's had a desire for a very long time to eat a human body to make Matthias proud. He would tell Matthias, but the boy isn't very interested in consumption of food in general, the skinny little thing (Franny always frets over him). He doesn't understand where this desire comes from, since it's not something that Matthias would be proud of, so he just shoves it down and occasionally has fever dreams about it.


That one day all of his work will be taken from him; that he isn't doing good enough for his work and his family; that he and his family will die because of a mistake he made.


Business, professionalism, passion. He has always wanted to lead some sort of movement to do with the unfairness of the world; to be collected, sleek, professional, a hero. However, those are large dreams, and taking up his uncle's strange little business is all he has managed to do for now. It's okay, though, because Franny would never let himself be carried away from his family no matter how famous he became. If he cannot solve the economic problem, then the next best thing is soothing his loved ones and being around them, a figure they can go to whenever they need advice or simple comfort.

Views/Opinions on...

Government: not quite interesting to work for, but useful to learn about.

Religion: isn't a hardcore Christian but he does believe in God.

Economy: a tragic system of unfairness, he really wants to change the way the world works someday

Technology: helpful, but it isn't in his highest interests to become a social media influencer.


Food: avocado sushi

Colour: royal purple, dark blue and gold

Animal: bunny

Number: doesn't have one

Holiday: Christmas

Season: summer

Time of day: morning

Thing to watch: nothing besides the news he watches for educational purposes

Movie: rarely watches movies unless the children beg for it

Type of art: visual art, he enjoys looking at all sorts - abstract, watercolour, realism, surrealism

Genre of music: classical, though he doesn't listen to music much

Genre of literature: autobiographies or comedic diary-style books

Genre of shows: would enjoy sci-fi, romance and drama

Genre of movies: same as above


Family: Grandfather - Francis Schlesinger: never met, but he reluctantly read through his old journal entries and ended up with more hatred than love for the man. He thought what he did was inhuman and unhygienic.

Uncle - Robin Schlesinger: died when Franny was 13. They were never that close because Tobias wanted to keep Franny and Matthias away from his "insanity". Franny continued on with his business after his mother's death - Matthias already has an interest in it, so that immediately became one of Franny's interests, too, to make his beloved brother proud.

Father - Tobias Schlesinger: died when Franny was 14. Franny was always eager to please his father, not because he'd feel terrible if he didn't, but simply because he liked seeing how well he was doing compared to the man. They were never on a very close, emotional level, although Franny cared for him a lot and understood that Tobias was just a naturally distant person. Tobias would always encourage him, it made him more inclined to trusting Tobias instead of his mother when they began their experiments on her.

Mother - Wilhelmina Schlesinger: left when Franny was 13. For those first 13 years of his life, Franny adored his mother more than anyone (excluding Matthias). She always seemed to do the right thing, always so calm and soothing, and whenever he was around her he felt safe, light, like everything was alright. However his father would often leave her out of things because she was "weaker" and would "attract too much unwanted attention". Franny found this extremely unfair, but he could see it, and that's what made him sick when it came to his mother. When he went shopping with her, he noticed how men would always be looking at her, how they'd interrupt her and correct her. Over a few years, Franny had gone from loving and respecting his mother to believing that she was simply there. He grew very distant from her eventually, which set him into a very vulnerable state of mind because this was his beloved family that he was forcing himself to stay away from - but he convinced himself that she wasn't family, that she was simply a magnet for scary men, and even though he was sad when she left them for good, he also felt rather relieved.

Sometimes he still wonders about where she is, what she's doing. He regrets how he treated her (well, more like what he thought of her) because she didn't seem like a girl until all the men began crowding her. It makes him feel betrayed. Then he remembers that she is of the same gender as those terrible people who hurt Matthias, and Matthias is the one person who makes him lose all empathy for anybody else.

Brother - Matthias Schlesinger: Franny believes that he is the love of his life. Their parents worked a lot (Wilhelmina in environmental science studies, Tobias in the city doing sales and marketing) and between the ages of 8-16, Franny felt a bit like an outcast due to his mother issues and not finding anyone at school who was like his brother - and often spent time alone in his room. Matthias was a boy who naturally chose to be alone, acting very standoffish for seemingly no reason and writing childish things wherever he could. Franny couldn't really stick to him at school, either - although Matthias didn't mind Franny being around, they were five years apart and their designated grade areas were always separated.

So they met after school and walked home together and Franny, being the lonely extrovert he was, found himself desperate to attach himself to Matthias. When they arrived home alone every afternoon, Franny would find ways to spend as much time as he could with his brother. It couldn't just be anyone, he quickly realised - he would only get the social satisfaction from Matthias . These things escalated, usually according to Franny's mood and how bad of a day he'd had at school, and often were related to what he'd heard all the "likeable" boys at school talking about, like kissing, girls, soccer. Eventually he just went along with the fluttering feeling in his heart and stomach and took Matthias into his room, he said he wanted to try something with him. Matthias, always secretly eager to learn, had never really understood what kisses were and so Franny kissed him, Matthias was a bit doubtful of everything at first but Franny's empathy could always be used for more terrible purposes, and from there it just became natural for them (or for Franny, at least, because even though Matthias was never as desperate for intimacy, he still enjoyed how it felt).

Into their later teenage years. Franny dealt with their relatives disappearing by spending time with Matthias, reading his notebooks, and would often dramatise things and run around the house acting frightened, confident, professional, paternal. He especially loved caring for Matthias. At school, during those occasional times where they could be together, Franny would always defend his brother and even get himself hurt for Matthias' safety. Cue the beginning of his hatred of teenage girls (and other people in general) - just because Matthias had longer hair didn't mean he was stupid or weak! Matthias was so pretty, so beautiful, Franny would constantly tell him this because they just seemed so evil. Later on he realised that they were probably all just jealous of his brother's looks, and now has a habit of looking down on them for it. Matthias and him got a lot more physically intimate when Matthias grew older (cause Matthias clearly wasn't going to be getting any sexual stimulation from anybody else) but had never actually lost each other's virginity, because Franny wanted to preserve him.

Franny grew to understand, to love and accept, that nobody else mattered as long as he had Matthias by his side. He embraced his outward loneliness at school and focused solely on his work, which he had always been rather good at (excluding maths. He hated maths), eventually working up the courage to become a school captain - and he got the role. His long-lasting love for acting had provided him with a bit of charisma, and he used his observations of people to get what he wanted, to work towards his goal of becoming even better, even more notable for doing good things. Having worked so hard and so passionately, Franny was offered a spot at a prestigious school for young men who wanted to pursue an acting career, but he refused, saying he'd rather do his HSCs and complete school like any regular person, so he did just that, left without any guidance in the world.

But that was okay. Matthias' internet hobby had found him a rather unusual way to make money, but for Matthias' sake, Franny began their uncle's business again and yeah. Matthias' creations eventually became Franny's children - if Matthias is his life partner, then whatever he creates Franny takes in as his own.

Creation/son - Ommie: Their most recent creation. Franny never saw Ommie getting created or brought to life, but he learnt quickly how the boy's half-octopus body worked and realised that Ommie needs a lot more care than Rhyn or Von - he acts like an actual human preteen. He allows Ommie to have his own freedom, as it makes him happier, and even though they don't get along on a close level, he has a lot of patience for his son.

Creation/son - Rhyn: The second creation. Franny never had a part in making him, as he respects Matthias' need to be alone when creating, although he does get to help with But he loves Rhyn like his own child, he feels proud whenever he looks at him. He also developed a new guilty pleasure of seeing the boy cry just so he can coddle him and care for him.

Creation/son - Von: Their first creation. He doesn't have much personality, he acts like a robot, but Franny still loves him despite the fact that he is more of a house servant and only takes orders.

Love interest: I gotta go ahead and say it; the guy's in love with his brother. He isn't made out to be the love interest in the story, but it is very clear from the start that Franny will love his brother in more ways than one no matter what happens.