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quick awesome mentions

- there's an original work on ao3 that i absolutely fell in love with called canem quindecim. it's incredible, the ideas and concepts and the execution of them, the way everything feels so right yet it's so wrong. it's unconventional! something you would never see, and i still feel shocked and delighted that i'd managed to come across it.

wishbone, richard siken.

i'm meant to be making hot ice for a science experiment that's due in two days, but somehow i keep coming back to richard siken's poetry instead. the layout confused me at first, but it only excited me more because *sparkles* analysis! the way he writes tells his stories in a way that he's just recounting what emotions are left from all these experiences, so that we are almost told what happened and it makes us feel, and the narrator does not understand these emotions, and it's lovely and real. i need to read "crush".

the way of wyrd, brian bates

an unusual novel to choose for comfort, but brand and wulf's mentor-mentoree relationship is very comforting. learned a lot. probably one of the most interesting novels i've read, if you're into religion and all that. they go on a a journey to learn about shamanism, and there are conflicting viewpoints, and they must understand each other, for there are reasons behind why everyone has different beliefs.

the mysterious stranger, mark twain

also comforting? starting to spot a pattern here. could rant about this book for days but since i do not have days to write about it i haven't an idea where to start, so all i can say for now is that it makes me very happy. the concepts of humans being dirty, filthy, how satan doesn't understand how it is to live like a human. it's the worst of human's nature stuffed into an incomplete masterpiece and it's so good. it's wrong and it's immoral but it's good. it's natural.

no longer human, osamu dazai

oba yozo was someone who i could relate to; this guilt of living, the dissatisfaction, making people laugh because it makes you happy but maybe it doesn't really maje you happy but you don't know why. it's shameful. takeichi, too, who could see behind oba's clowning. really worth reading, i might not think what i do today if i hadn't read this book.

the wasp factory, ian banks

so very cool. if you're interested in psychology, specifically psychopathy, this book's protagonist is a teenage psychopath - and not the devillishly handsome, murderous and borderline abusive alpha male kinda type, nor the edgy 14-year-olds with the twilight saga fresh in their minds. an actual psychopath.