my characters' avatars

do not use in any way; they're my characters, and if you do something with them i will piss in your mouth like eric cartman's mini cupid self did to everyone who wasn't gay as hell.

not all characters here are going to have a page 'cause they take a long time to make. os and nayn were a very special case, so they got a bunch of shit on their pages, but i can't force myself to love something as i much as i do them. yet what i can do is make the rest of my ocs into little pixel people, and do that i will.

iwa watanabe [other alias: iwa-chan (by feather), iwa sensei (again, by feather)]. 33 y.o high school sub teacher. would spend all the time, money and effort in the world just to blast himself to mars and then live there alone forever.

feather. a little crazed shit with wings. age unknown, but iwa (who is a very untrustworthy source) says he looks 6. in reality he's probably about 13, but that doesn't mean he's any more mature.

ethel douglas. hates clingy people. experienced extreme abuse at the hands of her uncle from the ages of 3 months-4 years. now she abuses other people the same way her uncle did to her, because she thinks it's 1. how she should show her "love" and 2. amusing. possibly a sociopath.

aloysius. kind. gentle. boring. half-german. studious, but still can't do maths. loves to paint. romanticises everything to the point where he once thought cutting was cute and would dream about kissing his loved one's death scabs. was an emo boy but now he acts like a himbo to rid himself of his past.

jun. don't even get me started on this bitch. he's the real himbo. 21. part of the mafia (which one i shan't say). loves his sweetpie (his revolver) and drives around on his motorcycle like a madman. mild stockholm syndrome.

mara. 16. jun's best mafia bud. she's incredibly charming, and even more so as she looks like a young boy. uses everyone to her advantage (if they are useful) but mostly 'cause people are just fun to be around.

edha. has always enjoyed cutting things in half. doesn't understand why humans die after getting their legs cut off. but then his mentor pushka taught him that loss of blood will lead to death - so edha decided to practise on his oh-so-knowledgeable teacher.

the supporting characters in os and nayn's story:

lyon. everything is boring to him, so the only way he knows how to cure it is by torturing his classmates. lots of muscle. goes into a terrifying rut period every now and then, as his mutation is being part lion.

vik. pixie-faced, 5'2, really very pretty. is part of lyon's "gang", but his ultimate goal is to, one day, get rid of lyon and become the leader himself. incredibly selfish, but seems like the sweetest, most selfless boy when you first meet him.